Best Halloween makeup Ideas

Best Halloween makeup Ideas

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f you are among one who is looking for a new look for a party, you can think about beautiful Halloween makeup. Here are easy steps for this makeup.

On one side is the festival season; on the other side is the wedding season; in such a situation, which girl would not want to look different, beautiful, and attractive. If you want an excellent and wild makeup look, then you can try the trendy Halloween look. We are talking about Halloween makeup here; This can help give you a good look. Yes, but this eye makeup can be a bit difficult and scary to see 

If your makeup skills are not good, you can learn Halloween makeup with easy steps here. You can get good attention by giving it a very stylish smoky eye look with your spoked outfit. Let us tell you a step-to-step guide for this.

HaLLOWEENMAKEUPIDEAS,halloween makeup,halloween makeup tutorial,easy halloween makeup,HALLOWEEN MAKE UP LOOK

Halloween special makeup

Halloween Makeup kit:

  • A Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette
  • Deep black kajal
  • Undercover gel face primer glitter

Halloween makeup Procedure:

Step 01: First of all, take a cotton ball and clean it by closing your eyes with a cleanser; So that the old makeup does not remain on your face; after this, apply base makeup on your eyes and face, which may include your concealer and foundation. Once you apply the base makeup, then use Black Eyeshadow from Smokin Glam in your Spotlight Eye Shadow Palette. You must have seen Smokey Eye Makeup; just do something similar in this step.

Step 02: Now, after doing this, you apply black color eyeshadow on your top and bottom eyelids. After doing this, lightly pat the lower eyelid to give it a bold and different look with a nice combination on the eye's outer corner.

Step 03: Now, take your deep black kajal and apply it to your eyes. It would be better if your kajal is waterproof; besides, you can try blue kajal if you want. But black kajal will look better; This will help you get the kohl-rimmed eye look.

Step 04: This is the last step after this, in which you have to do some trick with your eyes. For this, take a light pink or red or some glitter in a silver shade. After that, you mix this glitter with primer. Now when you have done so much, then tap it on the eyeshadow with light hands. Do this first at the top and then at the bottom; This will give you a different look.

Makeup is a jewel of girls, which if worn or done correctly, it enhances your beauty more. But yes, if the same makeup goes bad, then it does not take any time to spoil your beauty. So before doing any new makeup, do a trial of it.

Note: Although some people may not like this makeup, this Halloween eye makeup is quite trendy. So before you apply this makeup, get to know about it better, like how it gives a look and goes perfect with a dress, etc.

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