Six pack exercises at home with pictures

 six pack exercises at home with pictures

Nowadays, the passion for making abs is increasing rapidly, not only in men but also in women; it is becoming a new goal with fitness enthusiasts and those who start fitness for the first time. But some of those people keep making many efforts to make their abs at home and avoid going to the gym. For this, it is tough for them to understand how to make their six-pack abs at home. Don't get worried; now you can easily build your six-pack abs without going to the gym with some easy exercises. Yes, we will tell you some exercises with the help you can easily develop your abs. 

Crunch-six pack exercises at home with pictures

Six pack exercises at home with pictures


Crunch exercise is an easy exercise that anyone can easily do; it is considered much better for women and men because they can do these exercises without any equipment. This exercise works to strengthen the muscles of your stomach and give them a better shape. To do this easily, you lie on your back on the mat on the ground. Keeping your knees bent, raise them up with claws and hold both your hands under the head. After this, you try to lift the neck to the stomach while keeping your back on the ground. You must do this process about 10 to 15 times. 

Bi-Cycle Crunches six pack exercises at home with pictures

Six pack exercises at Home with Pictures

Bicycle crunches are also a great exercise to build your abs, which you can easily do. These exercises work on your quadriceps and hamstrings to make them stronger. To do this, you lie back on the ground, then hold your hands behind the head and keep your feet up in the air. After this, you cycle with your both legs up in the air while raising your neck. You must do it ten times initially, then try to do about 25 times. 

Leg raise - six pack exercises at home with pictures

Six pack Exercises at home with pictures


Along with making abs, you can use leg raise to strengthen your lower body and reduce fat. It may be a bit hard in the initial stages, but it is very beneficial. For this, you lie down on the ground and do the stretching with both your hands in the side. After this, try to straighten your legs towards the ceiling by lifting it upright. After staying in this position for some time, come back to the previous position, too, very comfortably. You must do this 10 to 15 times daily. 

Planck-six pack exercises at home with pictures

Six pack exercises at home wth pictures

Planks are an excellent option to strengthen your core, build abs, and improve the back. It works on most of the body, including your stomach, shoulders, abdomen, back, legs, and hip muscles. To adopt this, you lie down on the ground with the help of your palms, make sure you stay a little above the ground. Now spread your legs backward and keep them straight. You be in this position for a few seconds; then, you will return to the previous normal. Repeat this about 3 to 5 times comfortably.

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