mammogram procedure| mammogram cost| mammography test

mammogram procedure | mammography test mammogram cost 

some essential things related to mammograms, are very important for every woman to know. Many lives can be saved with mammograms because it is the best way through which breast cancer can be detected. Through a mammogram test, you can detect the disease before getting symptoms. If your doctor finds some cancer-related results in this, then he can give treatment in time. Although this test is very simple, it may seem a bit unconfirmed, given the circumstances.


mammogram procedure , mammography test ,mammogram cost

mammogram procedure | mammogram screening

During the mammogram, a technician will place the breast between the two plates. He will then compress the breast so that the right image can come. Each image will be x-rayed in 2 different states - from top to bottom and from the sides. But this whole process takes about 20 minutes. After this, the pictures obtained from the test are checked for cancer.


Who Needs Breast Screening  


Women above the age of 40 to 44 years must undergo this screening once a year. Women above 55 years should undergo this screening every one to two years. Usually, women of all age groups disagree or feel shy about doing the test. Therefore, the US Service Task Force suggested that this screening be done every two years for women from 50 to 74 years, and also suggested having annual mammogram screening for women below 50 years of age. If your doctor tells you that you are likely to get breast cancer, you should continue this screening as soon as possible.


What if something is suspicious?


 Women who do this screening, doctors, find suspicious symptoms of breast cancer in 8 percent women. If this appears to you, then you need to do more tests. Of the women who are asked to undergo other tests, 10 percent are found to have breast cancer.


What is a diagnostic mammogram?

If there is something wrong with your mammogram screening, then another test is done, which is called Diagnostic Mammogram. Our doctors also ask the woman to have this test done before the screening if they find the symptoms suspicious.


How does the mammography test reveal the suspicious condition?

How can I detect if there is some suspicious bulge or lump in your screening? Let's know.

  • If a mass or lump is filled with fluid, it is not cancerous. But still, the doctor can speak the woman for a biopsy.
  • A lump that is of irregular shape is called for a biopsy.
  • Some calcium deposits which may or may not be cancerous, so for this, doctors can also speak for conducting other tests for the woman.

How Much mammogram cost 

  • A mammogram usually costs between $80 to $212 depending on where it is done. The average price considering uninsured patients cost closer to $ 102.
  • In India, a mammogram test should cost between 1500 Rupees to 2000 Rupees; the digital mammogram test can reach up to 8000 Rupees







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