What are The Symptoms of diabetes in Children

 Symptoms of Diabetes in Children: These signs can be found in children between 1 to 5 years old

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Diabetes is autoimmune insurance that can affect not only the elderly but also the newborns. In such a case, the child's body does not make insulin, an important hormone. In such a situation, the child needs insulin to control his health. Although it is not so easy to identify type-1 diabetes in children, in your 1–to 5-year-old children, you may be alert as soon as some signs appear. Here we are giving you some symptoms of diabetes in newborn or young children.

Diabetes signs in toddlers, infants, and babies 1 to 5 years old

Frequent urination and excessive thirst may be a common sign of diabetes. But with younger children, this sign may be difficult to detect. Therefore, it is desirable to take care of some essential things to keep your children away from diabetes. Here we are telling you some common signs of diabetes in young children

diabetes in children, symptoms of diabetes in children, type 1 diabetes in children normal sugar levels for kids

Fatigue & Moodiness

When you see your child often tired and sleeping even without any sports, if he cries or has irritability, it can be a diabetes sign; this is because the child's body cannot convert sugar into energy in the bloodstream. Uncharacteristic irritability and moodiness in the child are also signs of high blood sugar.

Blurred Vision

Often, we consider electronic gadgets as a reason behind eye pain or loss of eyesight in young adolescents, whereas this is not the case. High blood sugar in children or infants may be why the blurring of the child's vision can lead to other eye problems and poor eyesight.

Enhanced Hunger

Is your child growing hungry? Does he/She feel hungry shortly after having  meal? If yes, then it can also be a sign of high sugar. If your child's muscles and organs are not getting enough energy, it can trigger more hunger. Due to which the child's weight may also increase suddenly.

Bad Breath And Smelly Urine

Yes, if your newborn or young child has a foul mouth and urine, it can sign high sugar because your child's body is trying to get the sugar out.

Yeast Infection

Yest infection in children can be one of the symptoms of diabetes. But this is also not necessary, as it can be due to reasons like keeping the diaper too late. But yes, if you see this sign with the above symptoms, then get the child checked immediately.

The signs given here are the most common signs of diabetes in children and newborns. But some people ignore them even after seeing them. Our advice is that you do not play with your child's health and get a medical examination of such signs as soon as they appear. You know might be unaware that there are some other diseases hidden behind these signs than diabetes.

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