how to remove unwanted hair permanently

Some Popular Methods of -How to Remove Unwanted Hair permanently

Most of the women or men have unwanted hair and follow different techniques to remove unwanted hair. Know in detail.

30% of most women and 90% of men have body hair. Among these, hair is found prominently on the brow, chest, waist, pubic area, underarms, face, hands, feet, etc.  people often wish that the hair in some of these places be removed So that their skin can look clean. Nevertheless, the great news is that with the help of many techniques, the process of getting rid of unwanted hair has become much easier. Today we will discuss the most popular and easiest methods of these.

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Plucking Hair

Unwanted hair is plucked out with the help of tweezers; it is primarily used for shaping eyebrows hair and extremely cheap hair removal option. Also, the hair removed with its help takes a few months to return. Therefore, this method is trendy and effective. But due to excess plucking, there is also a problem of scarring and the growth of small hair. Nowadays, there are high tech epilators available in the market. In which the electric current is used, and people get rid of their hair quickly.


This technique is used mostly in beauty parlors and salons. With this technique, the facial hair of women can be removed easily. Hair is removed by twisting two threads in it, and It usually needs 4 to 5 weeks for the hair to grow after threading. Women in Asia and the Middle East exclusively use threading. In contrast, one study has found that threading keeps skin smooth and clean. In the US, this technique is commonly used to clean the hair of the eyebrows.


It is also one of the most prevailing methods; in waxing, the melted wax is applied to the target area of hair removal, and then draped over it with a cloth or cotton strip and pulled out with a medium force; this also removes hair from the root and takes about a month to come back. If you do it yourself, spread the wax in the direction of hair grows on your skin, then follow the process of draping it with a cotton strip and pull it. Clean your lashes, ears, nipples, and genitals. If you use Accutane or Retin-A, do not use wax on your face, you can feel a burning sensation.

Laser Hair Removal

This high tech method is in vogue nowadays does not get rid of hair forever, but it takes time to regrow hair for a longer time than plucking, threading, or waxing; this causes hair to melt through the light beam, and the hair follicles are destroyed. However, this method is slightly more expensive. It takes at least 6 to 7 sessions to remove full body hair. It has to be done at least twice a year. It is not a forever cure. Secondly, hair that grows back overtime is usually thinner and finer.


If you have to go to a meeting, wedding, or any function suddenly and you do not have time to go to the parlor, then shaving can quickly get rid of hair. There are varieties of razors available in the market, which prove to be very effective for removing unwanted hair for both women and men. However, this does not remove hair from the root. So in a couple of days, their growth starts again. Nowadays, some company has also released electric and disposable razors in the market, which comes separately according to both women and men's needs.


This is the only way in hair removal that can be considered permanent. In this, the hair follicle is removed with an electric current. This treatment is expensive. There is also a lot of pain during this process. It takes time to get it done, even if you get it done in a small hairy area. Many transgender people choose this technique because of its significant, lasting results. But it is expensive, and this technique is given according to the hair growth cycle. If you want to adopt such a technique, then it is advisable to consult the right expert.

Nose-ears hairs

Hair in Nose and ear are there to destroy any type of bacteria or dust particles. However, hair bothers you very much at an early age. The most reliable and effective way to get rid of these hairs is to have less sharp scissors with rounded edges, which are specially made for cutting nose hair or you can use electric trimmer.

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