How to get rid of acidity (Home Remedies for Acidity and Gas)-Lemon,Ginger & Salt

How to get rid of acidity (Home Remedies for Gas)

Children or older people, try this Ayurvedic recipe to get rid of acidity and gas immediately.

There is a cure for many diseases in Ayurveda. This Ayurvedic recipe is also beneficial for removing acidity.

Problems related to the abdomen, whether children or adults usually bother everyone. Stomach gas, indigestion, and heartburn are some of the common issues that are required to be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, it hits both your mind and work. According to Ayurveda, these stomach-related disorders are caused by spicy food that increases bile (Ayurvedic Tips for Gas Problem). In such a case, use basic things to reduce this acidity.

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Home remedies for acidity and gas problem

According to Ayurveda, following a bad lifestyle is the most significant reason for stomach disorders. Not having breakfast on time, not eating, consuming lots of food, and sleeping after eating increases acidity rapidly. If you are striving with late digestion issues, a homegrown recipe based on Ayurveda's rich philosophy can help you. For this, you do not need to work too hard; you have to take three things from your kitchen and devour it.

- Fresh ginger or dry ginger

-A pinch of rock salt or black salt

-Lemon juice

How to consume it?

Now before every meal, take a slice of ginger, put two drops of lemon on it and stir in a pinch of salt. Then press it under the tooth. You should continuously do this work for a few days and keep in mind that do this every time before an hour or a little before eating.

Benefits of lemon-salt for acidity

According to Ayurveda, ginger is used to regulate nausea and vomiting due to its hunger, digestive and taste-enhancing properties. Not only this, but this formula can also be used in pregnancy. Rock salt is known to help with metabolism or chemical reaction in the body, which helps replenish the body's electrolytes and maintain pH balance. It helps support the health of cells, which eventually increases body functioning and digestion.

According to Ayurveda, it is said that impaired digestion at the tissue level produces additional toxic residues or wastes that cause accumulation of bad cholesterol and blockages in blood vessels. Ginger, is antispasmodic, treats to speed up the muscles and relax the muscles. At the same time, it opens the blockage of blood vessels and decreases excess waste products.

Cloves for Acidity

Similarly, cloves can also be consumed to get rid of acidity immediately. In fact, if there is a burning sensation in the stomach due to acidity, chewing cloves calms it down, cloves can also be consumed in several ways to get relief from abdomen gas. You can even blend it with cold milk and drink it. If nothing is formed, after applying gas, you can use salt in it and press it in the teeth, and in some time, you will feel comfortable. Despite all this, if you still have gas problems, you should first fix your routine and then seek your doctor's help.

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