Ayurveda For Diabetes,how to follow Ayurvedic diet chart

Ayurveda For Diabetes: Ayurvedic diet is effective for diabetes patients, learn how to follow

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An ayurvedic diet plan is very beneficial for patients with diabetes. So let's know how to follow this diet.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), diabetes is one of the fastest-growing diseases globally; This is a metabolic disease that arises when your body either does not make sufficient amounts of insulin or cannot use insulin effectively;so this is a hormone that controls your blood sugar. According to an estimate, 77 million people in India have diabetes. Also, these numbers are expected to increase by more than 100% by 2030. If we believe in Ayurveda, then by changing the lifestyle (Use of Ayurveda in Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes), this disease can be managed. In Ayurveda, poor digestion is considered to be the primary cause of diabetes, known as 'Madhumeha.'

What is the 'Madhumeha' diet in Ayurveda?

Diabetes was known as 'Madhumeha' or 'Madhumay' (Ayurveda For Diabetes) in the Vedic period. Madhumeha is a disease in which the urine and the patient's body become like honey (i.e., honey). At the same time, when Madhumeha is not treated, it takes the form of Prameha. The Prameha is known as Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes in Ayurveda is a disorder associated with carbohydrate metabolism, characterized by hyperglycemia and glycosuria and resulting in insufficient insulin production in the body.

The 'Madhumeha Diet' envisages a diet that helps control blood sugar in the body. Also, it helps with weight management. According to this diet, people with diabetes are advised to follow a diet rich in nutrients and low in fat and calories.

Ayurveda also suggests limiting or avoiding the consumption of sweets and simple carbohydrates and the inclusion of more green and leafy vegetables.

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How to follow this 'Ayurvedic diet chart for diabetics'?

Morning Herbal Tea

Start your day with herbal tea. This will help to correct your agility. To make this herbal tea, grind the licorice, cinnamon, three cardamom pods, coriander seeds together and keep it in a box. Now every morning, as you make tea, mix this powder in it and consume it.

Morning Breakfast

A diabetic patient should eat foods rich in insoluble fiber such as millet, ragi, or corn. Pancake, boiled idli, multigrain bread is very beneficial for eating. Spicy spices like mint, coriander, tomato, and herbal chutney can also improve food digestion and absorption.

Mid-morning snack

A mid-morning snack may contain a bowl (60 grams) full of protein, such as pickled sprouts or salads; This will provide your body with the necessary protein for the day. Along with this, you can also eat a lot of fruit chart.


Lunch includes lentil soup, boiled beans, and a glass of buttermilk. It is useful for providing essential calories as well as calming diabetes appetite. You can also keep it like this.

-50 grams of boiled rice

40 grams of cooked lentils

-100-gram vegetables


To the evening

In the evening, sip a cup of milk tea made of light licorice with a cup of hot spices. This will keep the metabolism fine from day to evening and help in digesting the previous meal. Also, avoid eating carbs with carbs during these.


Keep dinner light at once. The ideal Ayurvedic dinner includes oats porridge with buttermilk, wheat porridge, and a medium-sized bowl of boiled vegetables. Alternatively, you can eat roti with sooty veg curry.

In this way, you can maintain a fit and healthy life by following the Ayurvedic diet. This diet is of great use even if you are suffering from obesity; This will help you burn fat faste

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