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Eye Make up Step By Step |Eye makeup Tips

Girls with small eyes want a big eye look, so follow these simple tips while doing makeup.

Do you have small eyes, but you want a big eye look, then keep in mind the things given here when you make eye makeup.

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No matter if your eyes are big or small, they are useful and can be more beautiful with perfect eye makeup. Some people have small eyes, but they like big eyes, giving you a perfect look. But if the eyes are small, they can be made to look bigger. However, with makeup, you have to keep some essential things in mind while applying eye makeup. Here we are giving you some simple eye makeup tips to get a beautiful big eye look.

Curl the eyelids

You can curl your eyelashes or lashes to get big eyes and a good eye look; this will significantly change your eyes' look. Curling the eyelids will also help you to enlarge your eyes. You mash your eyelashes and then twist them with the eyelash curler. You should additionally apply mascara to your lower lashes and coat it 3 to 4 times. After this, you can apply mascara of brown or any other color on your eyes.

Use concealer

Choose a good and right concealer according to your skin and use it. This will hide the dark circles of your eyes and give an excellent look to the eyes. Use baking powder under your eyes before applying concealer; this will make your eyes look shiny and natural. You can also apply setting powder under the eyes and then let it set slightly.

Avoid applying a thick eyeliner.

 If your eyes are small, then you should avoid applying thick eyeliner. Because doing so will make your eyes look smaller.

Apart from this, you apply a liner to the corner of the eye, that is, the upper lash line; simultaneously, you can use a white eyeliner pencil on the inner corner. Remember to choose the right colors of liner for the eyes.

Use the right eyeshadow color.

Light brown shade or nude shade is the best color to make your eyes look big and beautiful. You should avoid using dark shades in eyeshadow, which can make your eyes look weird, heavy, and small. So always use a light shade or pastel color eyeshadow to highlight the eyelid and brow bone. Blend the eyeshadow towards the outer corner, and if desired, you can also use it on the lower eyelids.

Use the appropriate liner for the lower lash line.

Apply eyeliner from the outer side to lower lash-line. To make your eyes look good, use a brush or a smugger. Applying the liner on the lower lash line will make your eyes look different and more significant.

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