What are the Top 6 Health benefits of Mustard oil

The Top 6  Health benefits of Mustard oil

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Mustard oil makes food delicious. There are some types of dishes that people prefer to make only with mustard oil. Mustard oil is used not only for food preparation but also to get rid of cold. Boiling garlic in mustard oil and rubbing it on foot relieves the pain of cold.

According to health experts, 100 grams of mustard oil contains 54 percent mono-saturated fatty acids,
11 grams of saturated fatty acids and 21 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They recommend adding mustard oil to your diet. So let’s find out what are the other benefits of using mustard oil in food.

1. mustard oil has the power to fight diseases like cancer. It contains omega-2 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which lowers the risk of colon cancer. Experts say that eating mustard oil reduces the tumor size by 50 percent.

2. The polyunsaturated fatty acids in mustard oil reduce cholesterol levels in the body and reduce the risk of heart attack. mustard oil lowers triglycerides in the blood. That's why the heart stays healthy.

3. Foods made from mustard oil can help you lose weight. It lowers bad cholesterol levels in the body.

4. If you don't feel hungry, cook Food in mustard oil, this increases appetite and keeps the digestive system healthy.

5.If you apply mustard oil under your feet; Then all the problems related to your eyes will be gone. Doing so increases the eyesight, and if you do this regularly for up to a month, you will get rid of vision problems immediately.

6.If you put mustard oil in your navel, the problem with your face will go away. Such as dark circles, blackheads, hair loss, anti-bacterial problems, natural skin problems, and so on. Mustard oil is the only remedy or remedy for all these problems.

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