what are the Top 5 Health benefits Of Lemon

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Top 5 Health benefits OF Lemon

Most people suffer from weight problems because of today's bad lifestyle. For this, you need the help of many dietitians and medicine. But without all this, weight loss can also be made with the use of lemons. Lemon juice cures problems such as acidity and bloating. Let's find out what other health benefits can be gained by eating lemons.

1. Lemons control the pH level in the body. It contains theories such as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and zinc. Which meets different needs in the body.

2. Lemon water reduces kidney stones. Drink lemon water every day for this.

3. Lemons keep the digestive system healthy and strengthen the immune system.

4. Lemon contains thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin B4, and vitamin E; this cures constipation, kidney problems, throat and mouth problems.

5. Eating lemons can help control blood pressure and reduce depression.

6. Regular consumption of lemon regulates the sugar of people with diabetes.

So be careful when eating lemons.

1. If you are drinking lemon water, remember not to brush your teeth immediately.

2. Lemon water is not suitable for everyone. Some people have allergies to lemons, which can lead to sore throats.

3. Similarly, if you are suffering from ulcers, do not eat lemons.

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